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24 November 2009 @ 01:32 am
Hyperlink to your heart  
Hyperlink to your heart
Oh I do, I remember the path:
Every word, every dot, every slash, every number in it
I wanted to write on the walls, I wanted to tweet –
All about it
Darling, just look,
You can see on Facebook
How happy I was.
All this innocent math:
Counting traffic and drawing the graphs.

Hyperlink to your heart
No modern simplicity there –
In was clumsy and long,
But we found some parallel ways.
Older versions went to the trays,
But the beauty still stays
In the words, in the dots, in the numbers…
Oh my, are you ready to care?

We were writing each other –
A risky startup, as you see
But these codes were the sweetest to run,
and we made them vibrate.
You’re my venture, my mate,
My stakeholder, my fund.
And I’m breaking the seal.
I’m searching the sea
To retrieve any links,
Any anchors to past.
I’m sure that I must.

Please come back to the Valley
The crisis is over here
All your crazy dotcoms
Are to blossom and make you win fame.
Please remember this naughty,
But meaningful game,
We’re still playing, my dear,
I look at your belly
Under funny T-shirt
And the truth doesn’t hurt

Hyperlink to your heart –
I believe it will never be broken.
Deeply hidden and grey,
But the archives are so secure.
Yes, I’m coming to cure,
To diminish the problems unspoken,
To retry from the start,
If I may.

And when you think that all has gone to trash
Look for your past, look for your past in Google cash