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25 October 2010 @ 12:48 am
особые приметы  
Что-то я сегодня расписалась.
Повешу еще стишок, написанный с неделю назад.
Первые читатели как-то его не очень одобрили, сказав, что он немножко creepy. Мне так не кажется, но не знаю. Он - про особые приметы. На английском.

The distinctive marks

Travel through my scars – your tender kiss
follows up the line that’s hard to miss.

Here the skin is glossy, far too pale.
Are you ready for a fairytale?

The story of my life – this silent track
is written on my chest and on mу back,

on my hands and neck, on every spot
marked with cuts and burns. They tell a lot.

Down you can take a pleasure cruise,
You can gently touch the ten-year bruise

or the moon-shaped curve around my nipple –
Explore my skin to know me just a little.

Wanna find some truth? So there it is.
Sports, deceases, accidents and surgeries.

And on my wrist I carry with no pride
The trace of an attempted suicide

Remember the distinctive marks and see, my dear,
I don’t need the words to be sincere.

There are so many signs that you can read
Well, I hope you enjoy this trip
Вьёнаseelowe on April 14th, 2014 02:26 pm (UTC)
крутое. особенно: "don’t need the words to be sincere"