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30 November 2010 @ 01:52 am
упсовская песня  
Вы послушайте эту песню.
Группа называется Scary Bitches.
Песня - Come dance with me.
Ух, я такой веселой упсовской песни никогда не слышала.

Текст под катом, он хорош.

Come dance with me in my den of iniquity
Feel your pain washing over me as we sart our romance
Come dance with me in the pit of depravity
Don't consider morality as we join in the dance

Come and see, I know you will dance with me
In the night of obscurity beyond the realms of pain
You will be far from mediocrity, on the brink of obscenity
As we dance again

Now, you know I can never let you go
You dance so slow as you're feeling the pain
You will show all the secrets I need to know
And can you sink so low as to scream in disdain

Stay with me, I'll never set you free
While you play all these games with me in my den of delight
You will be so full of vitality when you bleed for insanity
Free to run through the night

You must see how I crave your company
You must agree, it goes far beyond life
You and me locked with the strongest key, the bonds of legality
Being kept with the knife, oh, oh

(Even though you feel like you can't dance anymore
And you want to lay down with exhaustion
You must dance in the streets in your shoes and socks
While the neighbours watch your humiliation)

Dance with me in the cell that no one will see
All the pleasure you bring to me in my room of surprise
Don't hide from me all these painful extremities
Feel the ultimate liberty as you stare in my eyes

Where would you be without this serenity?
Oh, why can't we accept our true fate?
I hear your pleas as you fall onto your knees
Just keep dancing, please, until I feel all your pain

Dance with me, dance with me....
izbalovannayaizbalovannaya on December 1st, 2010 07:52 pm (UTC)
мне очень понравилось... сразу представилось, как под это можно танцевать. а что такое - "упсовская"