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04 February 2013 @ 02:43 pm
Первый в этом году стишок


Sometimes I feel
that we deny the gravity
the world of flesh

I’m stripped of all moralities,
I challenge no authorities
I augment this reality
To make it fresh

That’s you who makes it possible
Who makes the scars invisible
Who moves the razors back

You’re seeking, as I guess
The shameless perfect happiness
All white no black

You’ve done so much
To undermine the confidence
That all is lost

You, being honest to the core,
Established in the fog of war
The outpost

When you come near
As you’re stoned and blinded –
Distracted queer smile –

And all my fear
Attacks me hard, unwinding,
Murmuring: “For a while

When you’re caught off-guard
When you’re no-pretending
That’s when I strike”

Please draw the card
Enjoy the story ending
Expose the spike

Just look at me
Of all misfits – the wretched,
The ruined poster girl

Round goes the clock
And you’re still attached
Safe through the whirl

The morning sun
Three hundred daybreaks present
And still no threat

As if the mission song
Goes down to sing a lesson
That’s what I get

I am no fool
I know the light and thunder
The throbbing pain of loss, the guilt to take

But here and now
I must face up my wonder
My odd unreal stake

2 февраля 2013